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PernaZone contributes to the preservation of cartilage and normal muscle function in both humans and animals.

Product Description

Details on the PernaZone

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Authentic New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Extracts

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Ingredients per CJR (2 capsules / day) * Perna Canaliculus:

1,000.00 mg (New Zealand green-lipped mussel), Vegetable gelatin capsule. Net weight: 1,192.00 mg.

This complete mollusc extract is an authentic extract. This process is extremely respectful of the active principles of the original substances.


Bottle of 60 capsules.


Scientific references

(1) Coulson S., Vecchio P., Gramotnev H., Vitetta L. "Greenlipped mussel (Perna canaliculus) extract effi cacy in knee osteoarthritis and improvement in gastrointestinal dysfunction: a pilot study.". Infl ammopharmacology [Online]. 2012. Vol. 20, n ° 2, p. 71-76. 

(2) Treschow, A., Hodges, L., Wright, P., Wynne, P., Kalafatis, N., Macrides, T. (2007). Novel anti-inflammatory omega-3 PUFAs from the New Zealand green-lipped mussel, Perna canaliculusIn: Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology - B Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 147, 645 - 656


Recommended dose: 

  • Vivid problems: 2 capsules per day (morning and evening with meals) for 6 months.

  • If the results are insufficient: in some cases, 4 capsules per day will be necessary at first (1, 2 or 3 weeks, or even one or two months if it is a long-standing problem). When the discomfort subsides, we can then return to taking 2 capsules per day.

  • Maintenance of the result: when discomfort, swelling and possible redness has regressed, taking 1 capsule per day (morning with a meal) continuously is sufficient. Some people will still have to take 2 capsules daily.

Note: PernaZone can be combined with other food supplements (for example glucosamine in the case of joint pain).

PernaZone contraindications 

- Gout - Allergies to shellfish: caution is required in people with this type of allergy. If in doubt: start by taking 1 capsule per day.

Tips for using PernaZone for animals 

Anti-inflammatory action: 17 milligrams per kilo of body weight for several months.

!!! BE CAREFUL OF COUNTERFEITING !!! There are "imitation" products of this extract. Unfortunately, they are not as beneficial. It is therefore necessary to ensure that it is an authentic extract of green lip mold obtained by lyophilization. In fact, when the mussel dies, the effectiveness of its active ingredients decreases rapidly. It is therefore necessary not only that the extraction process is suitable, but also that it is carried out quickly. Freeze-dried mussel powders made from frozen mussel meat, for example, will have excessively reduced activity. As for the products presented in the form of oily capsules, they are most of the time obtained thanks to solvents and contain only a fraction of the lipid extracts of mussels.This type of product will probably have a lesser effect since it contains only part of the active ingredients contained in complete extracts such as those of PernaZone.

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