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Calcium is a trace element that contributes to normal blood clotting and makes up for calcium deficiencies.

Product Description

Details on Mega Calcium

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Product composition 

CJR (3 capsules / day)

* Calcium bisglycinate: 1,465.50 mg (26.00% buffered chelated calcium)

Rice husk powder, Pullulan wrap.

Weight per capsule: 1,795.50 mg


Bottle of 90 capsules.


Scientific references 

(1) Lovelock J., Porterfi eld B. "Blood clotting: the function of electrolytes and of calcium.". Biochemical Journal [Online]. 1952. Vol. 50, n ° 3, p. 415-420. Available at: <> • Sudhof T. "Calcium Control of Neurotransmitter Release.". Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology [Online]. 2011. Vol. 4, n ° 1, p. a011353-a011353. (2) Dawson-Hughes B. "Dietary calcium and vitamin D and bone health.". Bone [Online]. 2001. Vol. 29, n ° 3, p. 296. 


Usage tips

Recommended dose: 3 capsules per day.    

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