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HYPOXcontrol - IHHT



HYPOXcontrol is an efficient and versatile altitude therapy system. Altitude interval therapies are recommended for any patient who wants to effectively strengthen their cardiovascular system during rehabilitation, while putting little strain on muscles and joints.

Product Description

HYPOXcontrol - IHHT - the efficient altitude therapy system with concentrated oxygen

The one-of-a-kind HYPOXcontrol portable therapy system gives patients air with reduced oxygen levels – hypO2xic – to breathe during the first interval and provides them with oxygen-enriched air – hyperO2xic – in the second interval. With this interval altitude therapy concept, the body‘s own altitude acclimatisation effects can be utilised to quickly achieve positive rehabilitation results, and it can be used as a preventative therapy for a wide array of medical fields.

Automatic & Simple

  • The unique HYPOXcontrol biofeedback display appears each time before creating a personal treatment and therapy plan. The vital signs are monitored during a step test and the current altitude therapy level is automatically determined. A personal and safe altitude therapy level is selected for the patient based on this test.

Intuitive & Personalised

  • The therapist can configure a personalised hypO2xic and hyperO2xic interval therapy plan on the touch screen display by using the intuitive software interface, and the settings can be saved on a chip card as the standard interval altitude -training programme.

Safe & Reliable

  • All relevant vital signs are depicted on a real-time graphical overview during the biofeedback phase and the entire interval altitude therapy session; they are monitored reliably and safely using the pre-set safety limits.

Compatible & Progressive

  • An existing computer system can be easily used to analyse rehabilitation results as efficiently as possible.

Effective & Efficient

  • In addition to taking vital signs, such as the heart rate and oxygen saturation levels, the device also indicates, saves and evaluates unique vital signs, like the variability of the heart rate and the transcutaneous oxygen partial ressure.

Well-designed & Clearly Organised

  • While using the analysis software interface, all interval altitude therapy sessions can be documented in a clearly organised therapy report, which can be distributed as a PDF document. Moreover, up to five different therapy sessions can be shown on a tabular and graphical overview for comparison and analysis purposes.

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