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Chronomics gives you control of your DNA. Track and reduce your risk of future illness with our award-winning epigenetic testing solution.

Product Description

Chronomics gives you control of your DNA

Why should I test my epigenetics?

Almost one in two of us will suffer from chronic illness at some stage in our lives. By understanding how certain lifestyle and environmental factors are impacting your DNA, you can take control of your future health now to avoid illness later.

How can epigenetics benefit my health?

Chronomics gives you control of your DNA

Understand Your Health Risks

Take the world's first repeatable DNA test and track key epigenetic health indicators annually. Monitor how your biological age and disease risk levels change over time.

Make Informed Health Choices

Understand the health choices that will work best for your unique DNA. Tailor your diet, exercise, sleep, environment, mental well-being, and social life to see what will most benefit your health in future.

Get Expert Advice When You Need It

Access a dedicated team of health experts to help create a personalised plan to achieve your health and wellness goals. They'll provide expert advice and support to maximise your health improvements every step of the way.

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