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Menopause Comfort Pack

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The Menopause Comfort Pack is made up of 2 products: Yam Crème and MenoBoost. A combination designed to counter menopausal disorders!

Product Description

Menopause pack details

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The actions of the various components of MenoBoost:

  • Angelica sinsensis (Dong quai root extract): It has been used for centuries in traditional practices to help with concerns related to the feminine intimate sphere. Angelica sinensis contains an estrogenic substance which helps to balance the emission of substances of a feminine nature. It is recommended in case of dryness and intimate problems, for discomfort during menstruation and during menopause.

  • Cimicifuga racemosa (Black cohosh): Plant which has been used for a very long time to help women in a natural way in relation to the inconveniences felt during menopause.  

  • Vitamins B6: This vitamin helps regulate mood and stress.


Usage tips


Application of ¼ teaspoon morning and evening at the crease of the elbow. Ideally, daily use should be for several years, at least up to 70 to 75 years.

Note: In case of conventional substitute aid, you can stop it and immediately start the YAM Cream, knowing that it will probably take 2 to 3 months to adapt (accentuation of hot flushes). After a maximum of 3 months of use, the positive effects should normally be felt.


Recommended dose: 4 capsules per day before the meal

Recommended dose as soon as the hot flashes fade: 2 capsules per day before the meal to maintain the result.

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Nut / PL / AS Sugar free Gluten free Clinically proven 100% natural

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