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Phytorl is indicated for periods of cold snaps and runny nose where nose, throat and ears may be congested or hoarse.

Product Description

Details on PhytORL

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Bottle of 60 capsules.

Scientific referencing:

(1) Jang H., Park S. "Antimicrobial Activity of Niaouli (Melaleuca quinquenervia) Leaf Extracts against Skin Flora.". Journal of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists of Korea [Online]. 2014. Vol. 40, n ° 3, p. 313-320. 

(2) Samir Ramchandra Niphade, Mohammed Asad, Gowda Kallenahalli Chandrakala, Emmanuel Toppo & Pradeep Deshmukh (2009) Immunomodulatory activity of Cinnamomum zeylanicum bark, Pharmaceutical Biology, 47:12, 1168-1173.


Recommended dose: 

  • "Crisis" period: 4 capsules of Phytorl per day (1 morning - 2 noon - 1 evening) before meals until improvement. Continue for 7 days: 2 capsules of Phytorl per day (1 morning - 1 noon) before meals.

  • Persistent or maintenance problems: 3 capsules of Phytorl per day (1 morning - 1 noon - 1 evening) before meals continuously or until improvement.

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Herbal Nut / PL / AS Sugar free Gluten free Vegan Clinically proven 100% natural

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