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FreshBed enhances the quality of your sleep through delicious climate control. Fall asleep faster, experience longer, deeper sleep, and wake up more refreshed. Every day.

Product Description

Nothing restores the body and mind like deep, restful sleep

It is the foundation of the day. Everything we do - socializing, creating, eating, exercising - is impacted by our sleep.

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Sleep enhances your memory and makes you more creative. It makes you look more attractive. It keeps you slim and lowers food cravings. It protects you from cancer and dementia. It wards off colds and the flu. It lowers your risk of heart attacks and stroke, not to mention diabetes. You’ll even feel happier, less depressed and less anxious.

The biggest improvements for a better sleep quality can be achieved with the bed climate, especially temperature. The temperature in the bedroom is important, but the temperature in the bed under the blankets is even more critical.

What does science say?

Science has proven controlling the temperature of your sleep increases the proportion of deep sleep up to 50% or even more whilst reducing the probability of early morning awakening to almost zero.

During deep sleep, your body starts to work on energy restoration, cell regeneration, increasing blood supply to muscles for recovery, strengthening the immune system and promoting growth and repair of tissues and bones.

And what are possible solutions?

There are different solutions for a better temperature to sleep. Some work with a personally adjustable temperature under the duvet so that you will never again be too warm or too cold. No more sweating or chills, no more tossing and turning.

Or sleep surrounded by temperature controlled air purified using a HEPA-filter. Clean air is a vital component to getting a full night’s sleep and improves sleep efficiency. In particular where you need it most, into the bed under your duvet.

Keeping relative humidity in bed well below 50% through a combination of temperature control and active ventilation has added benefits. Dust mites cannot thrive in low humidity and this eliminates allergens that cause congestion and inflammation, ensuring you sleep hypo-allergenic. As a result you will experience the luxury of dry and crisp bedlinen at any time.

In this kind of beds with the perfect microclimate you fall asleep sooner and sleep deeper and longer with fewer interruptions throughout the night.

Every morning your bed feels as clean and fresh as when you entered it. And you will wake up feeling charged with positive energy. Allow your mind and body to experience the joy of wellness while you sleep for a happier, healthier and more energetic life.

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