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"simply H₂" generates molecular hydrogen and was developed with great precision, modern technologies, high-quality components and for various applications. With simply H₂ you can easily enrich your drinking water with molecular hydrogen.

Product Description

simply H₂

With simply H₂, you can absorb molecular hydrogen in two different ways. The simplest and most practical method of absorbing molecular hydrogen is to enrich your drinking water. With simply H₂ you also have the option of absorbing molecular hydrogen through the respiratory tract with the help of nasal cannulae.

Enrichment of your drinking water

With simply H₂ you can easily enrich your drinking water or other desired liquids such as teas or fruit juice spritzers with molecular hydrogen.

Molecular hydrogen is a colorless and odorless gas that does not change the taste or color of your drinking water. Molecular hydrogen can only be dissolved in water to a certain degree (approx. 1.6 mg / l full saturation) at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. With the help of our fine-pored gas vent, you can quickly enrich your drinking water to full saturation.


The inhalation of molecular hydrogen has already been investigated in numerous studies and is an effective method of hydrogen absorption. With simply H₂ you can, in contrast to many other devices on the market, absorb the molecular hydrogen in this direct way. Simply use our nasal cannula, which is automatically included with your first order.

The 75 ml H₂ per minute generated with our device is the equivalent of approximately 6.7 mg H₂ / minute. Based on the hour, this gives approx. 400 mg H₂. The amount that you ultimately take in through the respiratory tract naturally depends on the individual breathing pattern.

Product Charateristics

  • EASY TO USE: An intuitive touch display, allowing easy and quick to use.
  • STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENT: Our product meets high technical requirements and delivers the best quality molecular hydrogen.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: We have placed great emphasis on building our product from durable, flawless and high-quality.
  • PATENT PENDING: We already applied for a patent for our unique new developments at the end of 2018 - more will follow.
  • APPEALING DESIGN: We deliver first-class functionality paired with an outstanding design - a highlight in every room.
  • MADE IN GERMANY: Our product "Pure H₂" is a result of German care and Swiss precision - made in Germany.

We cordially invite you to find out more about simply H₂ and molecular hydrogen.

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